November 14, 2012
Resource: Every Co-Working Space in NYC

In the course of looking for office space over the last few years, I had a relatively hard time finding a list of all the co-working spaces in NYC that listed the things that were important to me, namely: price, lease term, location, amenities and relationships.   As I’ve begun working with more start-ups here in NYC, finding affordable, convenient and appropriate office space has also been a major time-eater for them.  I ended up creating a comp sheet of every co-working space in NYC and their amenities, costs and locations to share with them.  Now, in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, where a lot of folks continue to be displaced, I decided it made sense to update and share it with everyone. Some of these stats involve estimation and some of the sources were just me visiting and/or calling the sites themselves.  I think I actually have every space on there, but if anything is missing, feel free to write it into the comments, update the sheet yourself or shoot me a note at   If you have worked at any of these spaces, maybe post a review that would be helpful to others below.  

The map and link are after the jump:


 Here’s a link to the entire sheet (.xls) of co-working spaces in NYC

Here’s a link to a google doc where you can add or update info

My friend @AlexZerden did a great job of putting these into a Google map to visualize the info.  The map gives a clue to the next set of resources that’ll be coming out (incubators/accelerators) next week:

View NYC Incubators and Accelerators, Coworking Spaces in a larger map

I’m intentionally not including stuff like Regent or Regus Business Centers, or it’d get crazy.  The focus here is flexibility, thoroughness and amenities.  

Here are some interesting stats on the research: 

  • There are about 600,000 square feet of co-working space available in NYC, with more coming online in the near future.  
  • That’s roughly equivalent to 400 Starbucks, the entire 11 story building that houses Lord & Taylor’s flagship store in NYC and the Port Authority/NYC’s lease at the World Trade Center.  
  • The biggest providers here are obviously Sunshine Suites (~85k square feet) and WeWork (~232k square feet)
  • The overall capacity for co-working in NYC is approximately 6,500 people at any one time.  Facebook has about 3,500 employees. 
  • The lowest cost is free (Wix Lounge), the lowest “real” daily cost is ~$25/day (Space-4-work) and $295 (Green Spaces).  The average cost is around $325/month.
  • Stupid math says that that means that roughly $27.3 MM is spent on co-working in NYC alone per year.
  • These cater to a number of different functions, but we see specialties across verticals, including: Tech, fashion, women, “Green”, media, Design, “construction”, and growth.
  • The big differentiators you’re going to find are location, auxiliary services (community, networking, education).

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